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3rd year Anniversary Celebration at John and Yoko!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 16, 2017 is the day my boyfriend and I celebrate our 3rd year together! We went to eat dinner at John and Yoko, a Japanese restaurant and it was the best! The ambiance was great, staff were nice, and the food was AMAZING! Price wise it was still pretty good with the quality they offered.

They had a really good interior designer! I loved the lighting, the walls, the theme, and the overall aesthetics of the restaurant! Taking pictures would really be super fun if you also try this out!

Food was awesome! I ordered the Salmon Aburi Teishoku, it included rice, salmon toppings, Chashu Ramen, fruits, and a Tamagoyaki side dish! Mine was worth 448php! It was sooo worth it because the Ramen was ONE WHOLE ORDER! the rice was super delish and the salmon was amazing! The price was actually cheap for this food quality IMO.

Mike ordered the Tonkatsu Teishoku, it was around 428php I think, and as you can see in the 1st picture YOU GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAID FOR! The presentation was also really great and matched the ambiance of the restaurant!

We both just came from work so we were super tired, but! we still had so much fun and it was an awesome dinner!

We visited the UP Town Center branch in Katipunan!

I recommend this place if you're into Japanese cuisine!

I Love you to the moon and back Mike!

What's in my bag!?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another blog post for this week! I'm actually sick and was hospitalized last monday with some stitches on my leg ;_; so I was asked to rest from work for the entire week!~ so here I am with another simple blog post, and it's one of my favorites... a WHAT'S IN MY BAG post! I really love these kinds of posts, videos, or literally people showing me their bags lol So! for 2017, here's what I have in mine~

So I'm just gonna list the things inside my bag since I don't want to make a super tacky post about it with solo pictures of everything lol my bag is from G.H Bass & Co.! it's a small leather bag and I love it's simplicity! So here's what's in it:

1.) Wallet
-So I have 2 wallets, 1 is my storage wallet, and 1 is my main wallet... can you guess which one is which? lol The silver wallet is my storage wallet, and the teeny tiny black leather wallet is my main one lol why? because it's less bulky, like if I just have to drive thru Mcdonalds, I'll just bring my phone and my main wallet and its super easy to bring! They're both from Kate Spade

2.) New Nintendo 3DS
- I always bring my 3DS with me because I have a lot of games I still need to finish... I usually buy the games from Nintendo Eshop so that I wouldn't have to bring the Cartridge with me all the time~

3.) Starbucks 2017 Planner
- I make sure that I bring my planner along with me because I'm the type who likes to plan and make sure I have everything written down, schedule, things to do, reminders, and other stuff. Makes me feel at ease that I won't forget the important things I need to do. I got the small green one, which to me, looks like a mermaid's tail!

4.) Car Keys
- Do I need an explanation why I need my cars/house keys? lol

5.) Extra Pouch
- The extra pouch I'm using actually comes with the bag itself, it has G.H Bass and Company "engraved" ? (if thats the right word lol) on it. I keep some items there like earpods, office ID, Headache and Stomach ache medicines, and other things like:

6.) Press Powder
- Of course I need my powder for any retouch I'd need to do throughout the day, the brand I'm using is PIGEON powder. I got this from the infant section lol powder for babies!

7.) Lip Balm
- I'm  using my favorite brand for Lip Balm, Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm with Vitamin E and Peppermint! This feeling is the best!

8.) Mints
- I always bring mints with me, you never know when you'd need them lol I keep them in my Sailor Moon Prism Brooch case to add that adorable final touch!

And that's everything I keep inside the pouch!

9.) Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer
- Another MUST bring for me! I want to make sure that I try to sanitize my hands as much as possible!

10.) Hand Cream
- Since I use alcohol to sanitize my  hands more often than not, it can sometimes dry my hands, especially when it's cold, so I make sure that I use the hand cream after a few minutes to make sure it's softer again lol I use the PERFUMED HAND CREAM LEMON scented from ARTBOX

- And last but not least, my Cellphone! I'ts not in the photo since it's the one I'm using to take the photo (lol) I'm currently using an iPhone 7 in rose gold (128gb). I've always been an apple user since the iPhone 4, but I'm thinking of trying other brands as well like Oppo (?) since it's been getting a lot of reviews, but.. maybe I'll just stick with my 7 first lol

I made a "WHAT'S ON MY iPHONE 7" blog post and you can read it here:

And that's everything in my bag!

I used to carry a much bigger bag that can hold more items like my huge make up kit, lol I kept thinking that I actually need those things, and in the end, I don't even take them out of my bag lol So I've decided to use a smaller one to make sure I only bring the things I need, and.. not, make my shoulders hurt (lol)

I also added a super cute Nude colored Pompom keychain to balance out the simplicity of the bag!

How about you? What do you have in your bags??^^;;

Army Navy

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you shouldn't take it lightly, now I how and where do I want to spend my "breakfast time" ? Let's go all out! Army Navy! I seriously love the simple and somehow boyish ambiance of its interior, even the presentation of the food itself.

I love the lighting and the simpleness of the place~ the food might be a bit on the pricier side, but you get what you paid for!

For breakfast I really order something light, these HEAVY (even though its not light lol) pancakes topped with (white flour? lol), creamy butter, maple syrup and an additional add on of bacon is the perfect combination~

This is how we do it~ tarantarantantantan tan! lol

We enjoy bonding and eating!

Just for Starbucks...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hello 2017! Okay, so I never really planned on getting the starbucks planner since I figured, well.. I might not use it, but a week ago, I suddenly decided that.. "I WANT TO GET ONE", but with the promo almost over, I had about 2 weeks to finish it, since the promo was extended till the 12th of the month, but I wanted to get it as soon as possible, so I made sure I completed my stickers within one week! Which I did! *AAA* of course not by myself~

I had some of my close workmates and my boss come with me for the first batch of my stickers!

I actually really loved the Santa Hat Frappe~ so that's what I ordered most of the time~

(I also cut my bangs by the way... haha!)

It's been a year since I had bangs, but I missed it! still wanted to go for a more mature look so I went with see-through bangs~

back to story!

The next batch was with college friends the next few days, but I couldn't get the picture to transfer to dropbox so I don't have any pictures with them ;_;

but thank youuuu!

And lastly, the last person who helped me complete the stickers was no other than le boyfriend!

Our traditional Saturday date went a little bit on the rougher side because PSBank ate my money!! now I need to wait 3-5 banking days before I could get it... ;A; but other than that, the date went on and bam! We ate dinner at my favorite, PEPPER LUNCH then had dessert and frappe at starbucks~ usual routine every saturdays~

That's how I got my Starbucks planner!


I got the small "mermaid" version since its cuter and I have a small bag ~ Will do an in depth review of it prolly soon~ but I have other things I wanted to blog about so... I need to get those done as well...

A New Years Resolution blog post will also be up soon (hopefully~)
But thank you so much for taking the time to read this nonsensical-but-memorable-experience-for-me blog post lol!

Thank you 2016!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

THANK YOU 2016 AND HELLO 2017!~ The past year has been one hell of a ride, the same as the past years... but hopefully, this year will be better.. I want to thank my family, colleagues, friends, and mike for being with me throughout 2016, I know I'm difficult and hard headed and sometimes negative, but hopefully I can be more positive this 2017!~

I'll try to blog more, and become an inspiration to people who are like me...

Happy new year everyone!~ 

Christmas Eve 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! It's the 24th and I hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve~ ours was pretty simple this year since both my mom and dad are sick! ;_; but, still, a simple celebration but with the family is still the best! Plus, Mike spent the 24th at home so yay! Tomorrow I'll spend Christmas day with his family~

I finally convinced everyone to bring out my mini Sailor Moon Christmas tree! and my mom displayed the 4 mini Santa Clause figurines we've had for years!

Our celebration today was pretty simple, we had tasty dinner, awesome desserts, present opening and of course midnight snacks! I wasn't able to take a photo of the Christmas dinner since I just woke up that time and was super hungry lol but my mom prepared classic Filipino dishes for a change! Her specialty Sinigang na Baboy, our all time favorite! Crispy Pata, and Lumpiang Shanghai! My older brother also bought food from their house which he made himself! He made Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, and Chicken Macaroni Salad!

We had tons of Chocolates for desserts since we weren't able to buy a cake (last minute lol) but my mom bought my 2 week request... DUNKIN DONUTS WITH CHOCO BUTTERNUT! lol

We also had cake slices and Pizza for midnight snacks! that I was able to take a picture of lol but my mom and dad had to rest early since there were both sick! ;A; so we weren't able to go out, but Mike came and we watched the latest Dragon Ball movie (anime of course lol) with my brother, it was so sudden and random, we played 3ds and we also played card games!

When Mike went home, I binge watched Yuri on Ice, AGAIN!

It's just so beautiful! *sniff sniff* I HOPE THERE WOULD BE TONS OF DOUJINSHIS FOR THIS!!! *AAA*

Christmas eve was so far quiet and peaceful, but still very relaxing and calming~ which is what I really need right now due to all the stress and changes at work~

But still! hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas eve!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! ~

Empire Fashion Cafe

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy December!! Recently, my mom and I went to Empire Fashion Cafe in maginhawa! It was an awesome experience! It's a boutique where there are a lot of different items available and sold such as shoes, tops, dresses, shorts/pants/skirts, make up, accessories, bags, cute items, and a whole lot more! They also have mens shoes and clothing so you can absolutely bring your boyfriends there! And that's not the best part... they also have a cafe inside the shop! It's a super convenient store where you can bring you boyfie, husbie, and even your kids since there's a kids section!

This is a perfect one stop shop for your shopping needs and it's the perfect time since it's Christmas! I bought a couple of things from this store and it was all so worth it! One thing I like about this place is that there's a cafe, which means, if you ask someone to go with you, they can relax and eat while waiting for you to shop, and if you get tired, you can eat after shopping!

My mom got the Carbonara and Root Beer float, and I got the humongous double dinosaur chocolate float-shake-mug thingy! The Carbonara was super good! I love pasta, and I've eaten out A LOT... but for this particular recipe... I'd give this a 10/10! It was so creamy, the noodles were well cooked, it tasted really rich, and the bread was also super delish! The root beer float also had this huge ice cream scoop inside! The Carbonara was 140 php, and the Root Beer float was 85 php if my memory serves me right~

The shake I got however, WAS SO GOOD! It's good for 2 people and it's worth 240 php if I'm not mistaken~ the kitkats, wafers, chocolate balls and chocolate syrup are not just designs, the are edible! it was sooo good!! I'd really recommend trying this cafe even if you're not a shopping type of person! The food is undeniably good!

The place itself was pretty big! you'd have a lot of choices when it comes to different styles of clothing, different make up brands, types of shoes, and even cute accessories! The prices of the clothes were overall okay, I got a 2 t shirt dresses, one for 100 php only and the other was for about 380 php~ both had different styles and patters and the material was also different~ I also bought a blouse for 150 php and it was the thick silk type~

They also had a wide range of cute socks! I didn't buy one since I just recently bought a Haku x Chihiro pairing socks ;_;

Here's a picture of my mini haul though!

I also bought a big pom pom keychain to put on my favorite Michael Kors bag! I tried to match the color~ I also bought a couple of Chokers! I will be uploading a blog post about my current Choker collection as well! so look forward to it!

I spent about 1500 php in this store, I bought 3 pieces of clothing, a couple of accessories, high quality keychain, (I bought my mom a pair of socks too lol), and had great food! The staff were really accommodating and nice plus the ambiance of the store was really relaxing...

This is one of my favorite "to-go-to" cafes and shopping places! I really recommend this to everyone who loves to shop and eat!

Address: 143 Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila
Phone:(02) 501 2853

Visit their website as well!

I hope to see you there enjoying when I go back to shop and eat for more!